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About us ... and what we can do for you

We thought YOU deserved the best service...so we created We Adore France

We Adore France was created because, as both owners of property in France as well as regular renters of French gites and holiday homes, we saw a way that we could provide a better service than what was available.

We have owned property, and let it for holidays, for more than 15 years.

We have also rented holiday property in France ourselves on a regular basis.

In other words, we have been there and know what it means to both let, and rent, French holiday property.

Today’s economic climate is not easy for owners of French property and we therefore believe that our owners deserve and need all the help they can get.

At We Adore France, you get that help.

As an owner of a property, or properties, in France who needs to generate an income to help meet costs, you are faced with a choice.

You can either use a fully-managed letting service, whereby you effectively contract out to a company to manage your marketing and bookings for you, or you can manage it yourself.

In our time, we have done both, but we now would not dream of doing anything other than managing our own property and bookings.

If you outsource to a fully-managed letting service, it does mean you don’t have to do the work yourself.

However (and it is a BIG however):

  • You lose control
  • You don’t get to set your own prices
  • You rely on somebody else’s marketing
  • You are forced to compete with all the other properties managed by the company you choose (and the fully-managed letting services are generally through very large companies these days with a huge number of properties on their books)
  • You are told when you can, and can’t, stay in your own property
  • You are reliant on the number of bookings your company brings in

If you manage your bookings yourself;

  • You retain control
  • You decide on your own prices
  • You can use promotions and special discounts at certain times of the year to fill your property off-peak
  • You can decide on how best to present your property and what photos and videos to use
  • You can use a variety of methods for getting bookings and list your property on a number of websites

In the end, having tried both methods, for us it was a no-brainer. We wanted to retain control of our own properties.

However, even then, it still wasn’t easy.

There are a number of websites where you can list your gite, or holiday home, to try and attract bookings.

Some of the larger listing websites are now owned by relatively big companies and charge expensive upfront fees. The problem is that this means a sizeable initial outlay for you with no guarantee that you will get any bookings.

Other websites might offer a low-cost listing but this tends to come at a price. These websites exchange your listing on their site for a link to their website from your own personal website. Some even specify that this link must go on your home page and above the fold, meaning that it is one of the first things that your website visitor sees.

Is there a problem with allowing links to other holiday property letting sites from your website? Yes, of course, as you will lose some of your website visitors who will click on to these sites instead. Why would you go to all the trouble of attracting website visitors, only to give them an easy route to go off to another site instead of booking with you?

Of course, if you do not even have a website for your property, then this option is not open to you anyway.

So is there a better way for you? Can you avoid large upfront sign-up fees but still get a quality listing for your property or properties?

In other words, is there a low-risk way for you to attract bookings?

The answer is yes.

With We Adore France, you get free membership and then have a choice of how you would like to show your property with either Pay Per Booking or Fixed Price options.

You don’t even need to have your own website, if you don’t want to, as all your bookings and payments can be taken through We Adore France if you would like that facility.

In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by listing your property with We Adore France.

The extensive functions included in your membership also provide you with more flexibility with your adverts than you will find anywhere else.

Here are just some of the benefits of listing your property with We Adore France;

  • Free to join
  • The ‘Pay-Per-Booking’ no-risk service means you nothing to list your property and then you only pay a low fee of 3% per booking. Therefore, you only pay a booking fee when you are already generating an income from your home. We do not take any money from the guest, so you get the money from the start.
  • Or the ‘Fixed Price’ service means you pay a low fee once per year and then pay nothing per booking.
  • As you can do everything through your We Adore France account, including taking bookings, you can let your property without even having your own website
  • You have the option of listing your property in 5 languages; English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This option is vital in today’s market with so many holidaymakers looking for these languages
  • You can upload multiple photos as well as video
  • You can add your own keywords so your advert is search engine optimised. After all, the most important thing is that those searching for your type of property can actually find you
  • You can choose from three currencies to accept; British pound, euro and US dollar
  • You can include all the features of your property. In the rare instance that you cannot find the option to include something, you can ask us and we will add look at adding it.
  • You can set as many price rates as you want for the year and are certainly not restricted to nominating one changeover day. (This is one of the things we found most frustrating on several websites.) You can even set a price rate for every single day of the year if you want (although we would not recommend it!) or charge extra for weekends. The choices are all yours.
  • You can charge for extra guests if you wish
  • You can set a minimum number of nights per booking
  • You can offer discounts and set up your own promotion codes – very useful in today’s competitive market
  • You can print off or email your advert as a promotional brochure. (We love this function!)
  • You have an automatically generated QR which takes potetial guests straight to your property online and the booking form.
  • You can include add-on products, such as welcome packs
  • Your availability calendar shows ‘pending’ bookings, as well as booked, available and inactive. This is a very useful function for when you are awaiting the arrival of deposit payments (and we have all been there!)
  • Your advert is easy to upload and alter as you wish
  • Very importantly, you know exactly how successful your listing is as bookings are done directly through the website

In short, with We Adore France, you can ensure your property ad and marketing fits YOUR needs, rather than you being forced to ‘fit’ with what other listing sites say you must have.

WWe Adore France was created because we knew property owners deserved the best service possible so they could get the best financial return from their properties.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by listing your French property now.

List your property now here.

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What Owners Say

Dear Susan, thanks you so much for setting up my property details on your website, it is without doubt, one of the most user friendly site's to use for both myself and our customers.

I have been in the gite business for some 8-9 years and have always taken part in any "new start" website, like yours, that have been offered to me, up to this time not one has delivered a single enquiry, well you have broken the mould! not only with enquiries but a firm booking, so We Adore France is my first sucess and I thanks you very much, so please keep up the good work.

All the best to you and your team.

Mike and Donna De-Berryman