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About the people behind We Adore France

We Adore France is the brainchild of experienced businessman Sean Caldicott and marketing expert, sales copywriter and former journalist Susan Ward.

Both Sean and Susan are property owners who have let properties for both holidays and longer-term lets for 15 years.

Sean and Susan run several travel websites and have worked as consultants in online marketing for a number of years (and, in Sean’s case, for 15 years.)

Sean, who took a business from zero to a multi-million turnover in less than three years using his unrivalled online marketing skills, is recognised in his field as a leading expert.

Commenting on Sean’s web marketing skills, Mark Buckmaster, Finance Director of Apograph Accounting and IT, said: “We selected Sean Caldicott and Susan Ward as our online marketing partners because we recognised that their skills were second to none in the field.

“Their new venture, We Adore France, is likely to benefit hugely from their significant and complementary skills.”

Susan is an award winning former journalist who was made Deputy Editor of a local newspaper at the unusually young age of 21, before going on to work for the Express & Star, a large evening newspaper in the UK’s West Midlands. She chose to turn freelance in the 1990s, whilst she brought up her two daughters and ran her own PR business.

Susan is experienced in both on and offline marketing, business growth strategies and sales copywriting.

Susan runs her businesses from both the UK and France, where she has a home.

Peter Aengenheister, a newspaper editor for more than two decades, said of Susan: “Susan is one of the most talented and professional writers I know who has always had a natural ability.

“She is also an experienced businesswoman who is able to show great empathy and understanding to those who work in the real business world.”

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Ce que disent les propriétaires

Chère Susan, merci beaucoup pour l'ajout de mes détails de propriété sur votre site Internet, c'est sans aucun doute, l'un du site plus facile à utiliser pour nos clients et moi-même.

J'ai été dans les affaires de gîte pour quelques 8-9 ans et ont toujours participé à n'importe quel site de « nouveau départ », comme la vôtre, qui ont été offerts à moi, jusqu'à ce moment, pas un seul n'a émis une seule demande de renseignements, Eh bien vous avez cassé le moule! non seulement avec les demandes de renseignements, mais une réservation ferme, alors We Adore France est mon premier succès et je vous remercie beaucoup, s'il vous plaît continuez votre bon travail.

Tout le meilleur pour vous et votre équipe.

Mike and Donna De-Berryman