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 Alsace Alsace, sometimes referred to as ‘the crossroads of Europe, is the smallest region of mainland France. It is situated on the eastern fringes of the country along the borders with Switzerland and Germany. Geographically it is located between the Upper Rhine in the East and the Vosges mountain range to the West. This area is a land of forests and lakes and the region as a whole is famous for its many picturesque villages, churches and castles.As part of Alsace-Lorraine, during the 19th and... Read more


 Agen The charming town of Agen is the capital of the Lot et Garonne department in south-west France. It has an enviable position close to the river Garonne on the plain at the foot of the Ermitage Hills. On account of the riverside location the area has been a site of human habitation dating back as far as the Neolithic era.The area enjoys a mild Oceanic – type climate with some high temperatures recorded during the summer months and July having the best sunshine record.Agen is truly a... Read more


 Fumel Fumel is a commune in the Lot et Garonne Department of south-west France. Sited on the River Lot, the town is 43 kms from the department capital, Agen. The area around Fumel consists of a lush rural landscape of rolling hills, orchards and picturesque villages. Its climate is warm and temperate with July being the month of lowest rainfall.Fumel can be easily accessed by the motorway network and is approximately 9 hours drive from the Channel ports. Bergerac airport is about an hour away... Read more


 Bergerac Bergerac is a picturesque commune in the popular department of the Dordogne in south-western France. Close to the Dordogne River, the town is famous, not least of all as the centre of the Bordeaux wine region with its selection of some of the finest vintages in France.The town is an important tourist destination with attractions that include museums, spectacular flower beds, a delightful old town and even two statues of the town’s famous namesake, Cyrano de Bergerac, hero of both the play... Read more


 Sarthe The Sarthe is a largely rural department in the north of the Pays-de la-Loire region. It is named after the River Sarthe which joins the Loire at Angers. Most of the population lives in the urban area around Le Mans with the remainder of the department being mostly agricultural in character.Being located within easy reach of the capital, The Sarthe enjoys good transport links with other parts of France and the UK. There are TGV routes to Sable-sur-Sarthe and Le Mans (just 54 minutes from... Read more


 Maine-et-Loire Maine-et-Loire is a delightful department in the Pays de la Loire region of west central France. Named after the river which runs through it, the area is one of forested hills in the north and south with the valley of the Loire in the middle.The highest point is the Colline des Gardes which rises to 689 feet. In addition to the Loire you will find a network of navigable rivers which includes the Sarthe, Mayenne, Oudon and Loir.The local people refer to themselves as ‘Angevins’, a... Read more


 Var The department of Var is a popular tourist destination situated in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur Region of south-east France. Named after the river which flows nearby, the Var is blessed with a pleasant and mainly dry Mediterranean climate.The Var stretches from Saint Tropez in the south-east to Toulon, the department’s largest city and administrative centre, in the south-west. Toulon harbour is important as the main port of the French navy. There are good transport links to the area... Read more


 Haute-Vienne Haute-Vienne is a beautiful, unspoilt department in the Limousin region, situated to the west of the Massif Central in south-west France. The department gets its name from the river which flows through it and is famous as the birthplace of the artist Renoir.The department enjoys good transport links with other parts of the country with the A20 motorway running across it along with several high speed train routes. It can also be easily accessed from the UK via flights to Limoges Bellegarde... Read more


 Morbihan The Department of Morbihan in Southern Brittany in named after the Gulf of Morbihan, a kind of enclosed sea which constitutes a major part of its coastline and opens out into the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching from Locmariaquer in the west to the Rhuys Peninsula in the east, you will find something there to suit all tastes.The gulf is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Europe and along with a temperate climate makes the area extremely popular with holiday-makers, especially from the... Read more


 Lot The Lot, named after the river which runs through it, is one of the most attractive departments in the Midi-Pyrenees, one of the most unspoilt parts of south west France.The department prefecture, Cahors, is internationally famous for the robust red wine of the same name which is produced locally. Not only that, but this beautiful and fascinating town offers many sites of historic interest.Situated as Cahors is on a ‘U’ shaped bend of the Lot River, the 14th century Pont Valentre, a... Read more