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How can I get the most from my holiday home marketing campaign?

As with any marketing, you need to start with a clear strategy and then create your advert so that your property stands out from the other properties you will be competing with.

It is important that, before you start, you decide on the market you want to target. For example, is your gite or holiday home a one or two bedroom property, ideal for couples or small families or groups, or do you have a larger home that can accommodate larger groups of guests?

Angle your advert to appeal to the type of guest you want to attract (don’t forget that you also need to highlight local amenities and attractions) and bear in mind that your marketing strategy will also depend on the time of year. For example, whilst you might want to attract larger families during the school holiday periods, you might well want to rent to couples and people without children at off-peak times, even if it is at a reduced rate.

At We Adore France, you can alter your property listing as often as you want, adding or taking off special offers and other information as you choose.

Make sure you concentrate on your property’s USPs (Unique Selling Points). The more you can stand out from the rest, the better.

The ideal is to achieve the best return possible return by renting out your home for as many weeks of the year as you can.

How do I find my USPs (Unique Selling Points)?

Whilst there are many millions of holidaymakers visiting France every year, the holiday property market has also become more competitive, particularly as many home owners now rent their properties as real businesses rather than to simply offset a few costs.

It is therefore vital that your holiday property contains your USPs so that it stands out from the crowd.

Your USP, or USPs, are individual to you and your property. Ask yourself what it is that makes your property different. Does it have a particularly beautiful view or garden, do you offer specialist breaks (fishing included for example), or do you live nearby and offer meals or themed nights?

How about your property’s location? Are you situated close to popular attractions or festivals?

If you are struggling to find your USP, ask yourself what attracted you to your property when you first saw it. What made you buy it, as opposed to others you viewed at the time?

When you have found your USP, make sure you really promote it by emphasising it in your property description and by using good quality photographs.

How do I decide on pricing?

Do your local research on pricing and be realistic.

Look at the properties available in your local area and compare yours in terms of type of property, bedrooms, space, standard, facilities and position.

Try to be as objective as you can and get a second opinion if possible.

Ultimately, marketing is all about testing. If you are receiving a good number of bookings … then great. If not, you may need to look at your pricing again.

What is a reasonable marketing budget?

Be aware that you will need an initial budget for your marketing, particularly if you want to have your own website, but that smart marketing is all about investment rather than cost.

For example, if you chose to simply list your property on We Adore France, your upfront investment for the year is only £39.

If you rent out your holiday home for £350 per week, for example, you could gain one booking in 10 years and still be in profit! (Obviously, we anticipate that you will do vastly better than this, of course.)

As long as you are careful to track and measure your bookings from each listing site you decide to use, you will know what your return on investment is.

Membership of We Adore France involves very little in upfront fees and you only pay a booking fee once you start to get bookings and are therefore already in profit. Therefore, it really is a no brainer.

If you decide to also advertise on the more expensive sites that require large upfront fees, make sure that you do a cost versus income analysis at the end of the first year before you decide whether it is the right thing for you to continue.

What extras should I include to make my property attractive?

Ask yourself all the questions you would ask if you rented a property yourself. For example, how close are the nearest shops for both basic provisions, such as bread, as well as larger supermarkets?

What attractions are close to your property? How far away is the coast? Do you have some exceptional restaurants close by?

Include as much information as you can so that your potential guest can make an informed choice.

Should I fix my weeks or be flexible?

This is, of course, your choice. However, the more flexible you can be, the more guests you are likely to attract.

Can I update my property details and listing on We Adore France?

Yes, of course, as often as you like and for no extra charge. Just login and change.

How easy is it to create my holiday property listing?

Very easy…and we have created a guide to help you, just in case.

We Adore France offers you far more options and flexibility than other listing sites and it is worth making the effort to make sure your advert is the best it can be.

Take your time and remember we are here to help if you need us. We want you to be successful as this is the whole purpose of this website.

When compiling your listing, you will be aiming to draw attention to your property and highlight its best features. However, we must emphasise that it is absolutely vital that you are entirely honest.

Use good quality digital photographs and we strongly recommend you take advantage of our video option. Video can make a really big difference and will give your potential guests a real feel for the property.

When you have finished your property listing, get feedback from somebody who knows your property if you can. They may spot things you have forgotten to add and are very likely to have some helpful suggestions.

Managing your campaign

When your advert has gone live and you start to receive enquiries, make sure you monitor enquiries to avoid missing bookings.

Holidaymakers are impatient people these days and another property is only one click away.

Reply as quickly as you can and telephone your potential guest if you don’t immediately have access to email rather than making them wait. A telephone call can often clinch the booking.

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Dear Susan, thanks you so much for setting up my property details on your website, it is without doubt, one of the most user friendly site's to use for both myself and our customers.

I have been in the gite business for some 8-9 years and have always taken part in any "new start" website, like yours, that have been offered to me, up to this time not one has delivered a single enquiry, well you have broken the mould! not only with enquiries but a firm booking, so We Adore France is my first sucess and I thanks you very much, so please keep up the good work.

All the best to you and your team.

Mike and Donna De-Berryman