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New law to protect diners who want freshly-made French food

French Restaurant Menu Board

The quality of French food is renowned the world over and French MPs are now ensuring that diners in France are protected from the ‘back door’ infiltration of fast food.

Whilst it is now perfectly possible to pick up a fast food meal in many French towns (if you must), French MPs are making it illegal for restaurants to serve up bought-in and microwaved food without informing customers.

A bill has been approved which forces restaurants to label dishes as home-made when they have been prepared from scratch in the kitchen. MPs hope the legal requirement of the ‘fait maison’ label on menus will curb the practice of pre-cooked meals being bought-in and then passed off as freshly-made in the restaurant.

Restaurants who fraudulently label dishes as ‘fait maison’ will face being fined.

If the Senate (the upper house) backs the reheated food clampdown, the bill will become law soon. MPs from both the ruling Socialist Party and the opposition centre-right party UMP agreed that the move should be compulsory, overruling Business and Tourism Minister Sylvia Pinel who favoured voluntary measures.

Didier Chenet, head of restaurant federation Synhorcat , said: "We're making things more transparent and restoring our trade's respectability.

"Clients will know what to expect. The problem right now is that you push the door of a restaurant and you don't know if there's actually a chef in the kitchen," he added.

As lovers of French food, we at We Adore France think this is an excellent idea. It would be good to see other countries following suit.

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