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New skyscrapers in Paris?

Tour Duo - new skyscrapers on the left bank in Paris

The new Tour Duo for the Left Bank in Paris

A ban limiting new buildings has been lifted in Paris, allowing sky scrapers to built to just over half the height of the Eiffel Tower. One plan is for the Tour Duo - two towers half the height of the Tour Eiffel on the Left Bank.

The ban has been in place since the Tour Montparnasse was finished in the 1972 and Parisians shocked by the ‘black gravestone’, two years later in 1974 banned new building exceeding seven storeys.

Horror at building tall in Paris is not a recent thing. English Designer William Morris often went to the Eiffel Tower when he visited Paris in 1889, just after the towers opening. When asked why he came so often he is reputed to have said " This is the only place in Paris where I can avoid seeing the thing!"

Over the years since the Eiffel Tour was built, there have been many grand plans for the centre of the city. Here are some of them

Robida (La Tour Eiffel ) 1889 - 1926

At the Tour Eiffel itself there would be a hotel at the top with a Palace of Electricity at the base for entertainment

Robida - Hotel and Electric Palace at the Eiffel Tower 1889 - 1926

Les Maisons Tours 1922

250 towers would have been built around the edge of the centre of Paris in long boulevards, connected by bridges, creating an aerial city within the city.

Les Maisons Tours - 1922

L'Aérodrome de l'Ile aux Cygnes 1932

Built above the île des Cygnes would have created an airport in the centre of the city to cope with the personal flying machines everyone would have. The planes would land on top with the hangers and other services underneath. More like an aircraft carrier of today. Public transport would have been good though as the Bir-Hakeim viaduct runs right through the middle of the airport with Metro Line 6

The airport right in the centre of Paris near the Eiffel Tower - 1932

The Ministry of National Education 1966

A 180m (580feet) tall building in the futuristic 1960s style. The Orwellian sounding building would have replaced a prison.

The new Ministry of National Education - 1966

Other Ideas

Other ideas included a giant elephant in place de la Bastille, a 370 metre lighthouse in the Invalides, and a pyramid close to the Champ Elysees. Did they ever build that pyramid close to Champ Elysees … ?

You can find out more in the book Paris utopie

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