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Should I Install a Hot Tub?

At the end of a long hot summers day what could be better than to relax in the luxury of your very own hot tub? The bubbling jets gently soothe away the stresses of the day and, accompanied by a glass of champagne, there really are few better ways to unwind.

Enjoying a hot tub

Enjoying a evening hot tub

Social bathing has been popular since records began. Both the Greeks and Romans delighted in it. The Victorians flocked to spa towns to take advantage of the waters there, Leamington Spa becoming so popular that it had the prefix Royal added to its name by Queen Victoria. The affordability of the hot tub means that it is now possible to bring this social bathing experience into your own home and it is growing increasingly popular as a way to wind down.

The question is, would installing a hot tub in your holiday home be a worthwhile exercise?

For many, the answer is a straightforward yes. Most people not only let out their holiday home but also make good use of it themselves. In this situation ,the answer is clear - if you would like the use of a hot tub when you are on holiday, then go ahead and install one.

However, whilst hot tubs are now more affordable than ever before, they can still make a significant hole in your budget. If your holiday home is an investment, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to install one.

When it comes to letting a property, a hot tub can make you stand out from your competitors. Homes with hot tubs are often booked sooner, and for more weeks, than those without. As hot tubs can be used all year round, you may even find some intrepid souls who deliberately seek out winter accommodation with an outdoor hot tub. In fact, many guests enjoy nothing more than to relax in the warmth of the hot tub as the snow gently falls around them.

Not only that, homes with hot tubs also tend to command a higher premium than those without. However, there are certain running costs involved in maintaining your hot tub, such as chemicals to keep it safe, cleaning costs, servicing and, of course, maintenance. If you are purchasing a hot tub as an investment, you need to check that these expenses will not eat away at your additional income.

Choosing where to install your hot tub can be key to its success or failure. Hot tubs can be installed almost anywhere- in the garden, on the decking, in the pool or even indoors. There are, however, several key factors that you should take into account. By their very nature, hot tubs are filled with water and are therefore very heavy. The base should be flat, solid and waterproof and if you are installing indoors, the room should have adequate ventilation. If your home possesses an excellent view, take full advantage of it. A few select photos of smiling faces enjoying the hot tub and its surroundings can really help to increase bookings.

Outdoor hot tubs are more versatile if they are protected from wind and rain. The perfect position is likely to be a sheltered spot on the terrace, overlooking the fields, mountains or forests.

Often prospective owners express concern about whether or not their hot tub will withstand a very cold winter. Most hot tubs are well insulated and you can purchase a suitable cover to keep out the worst of the cold. Your hot tub retailer will be happy to offer further advice on how to care for your hot tub in wintry conditions.

Another area of concern is the amount of maintenance the hot tub will require. In truth, while hot tubs do, of course, require some maintenance, this is only likely to add about 15 minutes to the weekly cleaning routine.

If you are in doubt, it is worth considering a trial period before you commit yourself to buying a hot tub outright. Many companies now offer a hot tub hire scheme, so if you are purchasing primarily for yourself this can be a great option, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy. One thing to remember though is that, if the hot tub is to be used in a holiday let, it is vital that you ensure you purchase one which is licensed for commercial use.

One final piece of advice is that, if you do decide to purchase a hot tub, always buy from a reputable local retailer. Whilst it will almost certainly be possible to find a bargain buy online, buying from a local retailer means that they are on hand to fix any issues which may arise.

A hot tub can be a great investment for the right property. If you decide to install one in your holiday home you will be certain to enjoy it for years to come.

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